Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's the Holidays!

Today I realized I've been rather neglectful of being a blogger, which is kind of odd because I like to write. Weird. But since it's the holiday season and Burrito is doing all sorts of cute things I realized I better start writing them down and putting them on the internet. That way she can thank me in ten years (because I've heard that your kids LOVE you and COMPLETELY understand every rule and decision you make when they are teenagers. Right? Right????)
So since I've been Neglectful Blogger Momma here is a recap of all the insanely freaking cute things my daughter has done recently: 
1. Sing and dance to "Frosty the Snowman" I keep trying to record her singing the song and naturally she stops as soon as she hears the recording click on. Sigh. But it's super cute so I will keep trying!
2. Sing the alphabet. Burrito's version is more like "ABCDEEE!" To her credit though, in the last few days she's nailed the ending of the song. We'll just keep working on that pesky LMNOP part ;)
3. Counting is 2,3,4,6,8,10,14,14,14,14! I have no idea where she got that from. She absolutely refuses to start with 1, and I'm not sure why she doesn't like odd numbers! 
4. Much like her beloved singing Frosty, we have a singing and dancing Santa Claus that she is growing fond of. The only thing is that since he dances, she's slightly afraid of him and won't make him dance herself. So now if she wants to hear him sing and dance she says "Santa pwease, Santa pwease, Santa PWEASE!"
We're working on patience ;)
5. She loves Pixar. I gotta admit, if I have to watch a kids movie every night before bedtime, the Pixar films are the way to go! Momma is a big fan of the Disney Princesses --despite the horrible lessons they teach small kids and all--which you don't really think about at ALL when you're six...I mean, I watched The Little Mermaid about thirty million times and had no idea Ariel was teaching me to be stubborn, not listen to my parents, think men only love pretty girls who don't talk (which totally rubbed off on me, I mean, The Husband married me because I am quiet and NEVER talk, and have NO opinions....hehehe). Ariel also taught me that the best way to spend the day was in a clamshell bikini, but alas, I have yet to find one. 
And don't get me started on the bad things they say about Belle. A girl likes to read and all of a sudden she's a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Which, okay, she does fall for the dude that kidnapped her, but he like, changed and stuff. And...All right, fine, they have a perfectly valid point with that, but I love Belle so don't diss mai girl!!! She READS. Be nice to the girl who reads a lot!!!
Hmm. First blog post and I got on my soapbox. Whoops. *hops down* *hangs head in shame*
So, erm....Burrito! She likes Pixar films. And it's super funny to hear her try to say "To infinity and beyond!" Or Mufasa, which sounds more like "Mumasa." 
Also, I swear I don't just let my kid watch TV all the time. We play and read (Baby Girl had a breakdown when Momma tried taking Chicka Chicka Boom Booma back to the library. The tantrum was EPIC. The kicker? I was taking it back because we now OWN THE BOOK).
But Momma is a big fan of snuggling so before bed we chill and snuggle and watch Pixar. Judge if you want but I love our couchtime snuggles :)
And that's all for now! I have more cute stories which means I will be better about blogging. I also need to figure out how to put pictures on here and stuff. If you know how, feel free to advise me in the comments! Or just comment on anything in general. TTFN!



  1. I miss that girl! Try recording her with Brian's phone, since it doesn't beep when you hit record if it's on silent.