Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, Crap

You know the phrase, "Monkey See, Monkey Do?" Around here lately it's been "Monkey Hear, Monkey Say." It's good because Burrito has quickly picked up new words this way, but (as I'm sure every parent knows), that's not always the best thing.
Recently a Modern Family episode (another obsession of mine that I forgot to add to the list..I'll have to do another post and add things I forgot!) made waves when they had the toddler on the show, Lilly, say a bad word.

Of course, look at what she's wearing. Can you really blame her?? 

Well, the actress just said cheese or something and they bleeped it on the show to make it seem like she cussed but she never actually did. People freaked, saying the show was horrible. Honestly, I thought the episode was great. It made me feel better about being a parent. I have no idea what people were so up in arms about, because let's face it. Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes that includes a bad word.
Or in our case, a bad phrase.
Or two.

I'm expecting my button any day now

It started innocently enough. I had my Mom on speakerphone one afternoon and realized I had double-booked us for two birthday parties that weekend. When I realized the mistake, I said "Oh crap." And what did the little one in the backseat say to that?
"Oh, crap."
Nana thought it was hysterical and immediately burst out laughing, which made Burrito say it about ten more times. I admit, it was funny but horrifying at the same time. After I stopped reacting to it, Burrito forgot all about her new phrase and I thought all would be well in the world.
Then we went to Nana's for dinner the next evening. 
After dinner Burrito was playing with her toys when we heard this little phrase pop out.
"Shut up! Shut up!"
The room went dead silent. This is pretty much how I felt:

Joey is shocked. Shocked!

Now, I know I need to watch my language, (especially while driving and people cut me off). But we don't ever say that kind of thing in front of Burrito due to you know, scarring the kid for life and being bad parents. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out where she would have heard that phrase. So after Daddy and Burrito had a chat about why that was inappropriate and things like that hurt people's feelings she apologized to everyone and we went home. 
Then we discovered the culprit. 
Remember how I said we have snuggle/movie time before bed?? Well a week ago I checked out the movie Rio from the library and it's been Burrito's current favorite thing. (It's a good movie! Bright colors, fun songs and is just plain cute). But for some reason I was paying closer attention to it that night than any other night, and I realized that during the "bad birds" evil song he says a certain phrase to the other birdies. 

Yes, you're evil. We get it. Did you have to teach my toddler the phrase "Shut up?" 
Wait. Quit glaring at me...

So now Mommy has to fast-forward that part of the "Birdie Movie." Hopefully she forgets that phrase too. It's due soon anyway and when she's a bit older and completely understands that that's not a nice thing to say we'll check it back out. 

In the meantime, Mommy is definitely going to work on substitute words when she gets road rage.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Okay, so those who know me well know that when I discover something new and awesome I have a *slight* tendency to get obsessive about it. Like Pinterest. Or Harry Potter. Or looking at Harry Potter pins ON pinterest....
Yes, I know. I have issues.
My most recent obsession is Game of Thrones. You guys. This show is SO GOOD. There are bad guys and good guys and swords and chicks that are bad a** and cute boys and direwolves and zombies and dragons and my little fangirl heart can hardly take it!!
Ahem. So basically every Sunday The Husband and I are glued to the TV with a giant bowl of popcorn. It's one of my favorite times of the week :) Of course, he yells at me if I dare open up Pinterest while watching so I have to wait til it's over to fuel that addiction. But it's all good :)
So since i seem to be in List Mood today here are some of my top Obsessions. Don't judge too much, and feel free to add yours in the comments if you dare!
Without further ado, here are

Heather's Top Ten Obsessions:

1. World of Warcraft. 
I haven't played as much recently due to being addicted, er, interested in other things. But when I get into the WoW groove I stay up way too late and spend my Friday evenings playing the game after Burrito goes to sleep.

Sadly, I have yet  to become a NightElf Mohawk

2. Harry Potter. 
Yup, still obsessed. If it's Harry Potter marathon weekend on ABC Family, I will watch it. Even though I own all the DVDs. Even though I own all the Blu-Rays. Even though I own all the books. Even though I'm currently in the middle of buying all the e-books. (Please remember not to judge too much!!) I freaking love JK Rowling and the world and characters she created. And even if her new book is horrendous, I will still love it. Because it's JKR. And JKR DOES NO WRONG.

Nothing will ever live up to them. But that's what rereading is for!

3. Game of Thrones 
...but we already talked about that!

Dani has dragons. Dragons are awesome.

4. Nora Roberts
Ah, Queen Nora. You are a close second to JKR. My bookshelf is pretty much ALL Nora Roberts paperbacks. It's a comfort thing. I read her books before falling asleep every night. No clue why. She just released her 200th book (TWO freaking hundred. Talk about making you feel a little lazy!) Anyway. I've always loved La Nora and try to snatch her new books at work before anyone else can!
Even Stephen King says she's cool. You don't ignore Stephen King.

5. Pinterest. 
It's a great way to pass the time and look at a lot of crafts I'll probably never do and find recipes that look delicious. (I actually HAVE made several of the recipes. Go me!)

Where Pinterventions begin

6. YA books
(No, not mother trucking Twilight. Vampires don't friggin sparkle. I like the books but will never get past that. Vamps may be sexy, but they are EVIL. They stalk and kill, not look constipated and glisten)

You will think about it every time you see him now. 

*Ahem* Moving on... 
YA books are great. My most addicted series are Hunger Games (obvs) and anything by Rick Riordan. Rachel Hawkins, Kiersten White, and Marissa Meyer are all current obsessions

7. Lost. 
Oh man, I loved that show (Not the ending. We pretend that doesn't exist) Before the Ending That We Don't Talk About Brian and I watched this show all the time. We got hooked when I was pregnant. Watching four seasons in two months was a good way to sit on my pregnant bootie and forget how much my feet hurt. And I seriously miss the beginning with the dude going "Previously, on Lost..."

Crazy things happen on a crazy island....

8. Vampire TV shows. 
Specifically, ones where no one freaking sparkles.

Although they seem to glisten too. Hmm. Lestat would not approve

9. Bad 80s music. 
(Remember, no judging!) I blame my mother. But if I'm running or on a car trip?? Def Leppard, baby

 Armaggedon it!

10. Friends 
I couldn't keep my favorite Friends off the list! It's been off the air for years but I can still quote every episode. And like Harry Potter, I will watch over and over and over and over.

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...(you know you clapped)

 Aaand that's my list!! Apparently I am a big, big nerd. But that's okay. All the cool kids are :)

Neglectful Blogger Momma Strikes Again!

Remember when I was going to do better about blogging? Haha. Oops.
But that's okay! I'll just blog today and pretend like I've kept at it the whole time. On to the fun stuff!
Top Five Cute Things Baby Girl (Codename: The Burrito) Has Done Recently:
1. Sing "I Love You, You Love Me" to herself before she falls asleep. I am not to blame for this (because Momma does not care for Barney so we'll watch anything but that creepy purple dinosaur), but she's picked it up, and I gotta admit, it's freaking adorable when she sings it in her room.
2. She is OBSESSED with the song "Ruby" by the Kaiser Chiefs. Daddy got her hooked on it. So now whenever we get in the car she'll politely ask for Ruby and sing along. And again, it's super freaking cute.
3. Burrito now knows all of the alphabet and can count to ten! Yay!
4. Bubbles are the best thing ever. We're working on teaching her to blow them herself, but so far she loves to chase them around the yard and try to pop them.
5. She likes to SNUGGLE! This is a big one for Momma because since the time she was about six months old the child doesn't sit still long enough for a proper snuggle. But lately she's been really into getting her blankets (yes, blankets-we have to have 3 of them to snuggle properly) and snuggling with Momma before bedtime. Which of course, Momma loves <3

Not too long ago we converted to a toddler bed so now we're really working on Potty Training. She likes to sit on the potty, but she doesn't do a whole lot while there. I made a cute Potty Chart for her to put stickers on (she looooves stickers) but the dang cat yanked it off the wall and attacked it.
Some days, I really prefer Belle over Oscar. (Not that he minds, he spends all the time snuggling with The Husband and ignores me. I repeat: Dang cat.)

Despite failing on the blogging part of my New Year's Resolution, I've done pretty well with the other ones. In March I ran/walked the St. Patrick's Day Parade and in June I'm doing the Color Run. Hopefully I'll be ready for the 5k. I've been getting up at the crack of dawn to jog on my own in the mornings (If you know me at all you'll know what an accomplishment that is--the mornings are my mortal enemy). I'm still not very good, but I figure doing some is better than doing nothing and that someday I'll get there.

 I'm still querying agents for the book I wrote-I had one ask for the manuscript (which got me ALL. KINDS. OF. EXCITED.) but she ultimately decided to pass. It was a crushing letdown, but I'm still trying. Again, better than doing nothing. And at least I'm not obsessivly checking my email every two seconds to see if I have a reply anymore. That was probably beginning to annoy The Husband. ;)