Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, Crap

You know the phrase, "Monkey See, Monkey Do?" Around here lately it's been "Monkey Hear, Monkey Say." It's good because Burrito has quickly picked up new words this way, but (as I'm sure every parent knows), that's not always the best thing.
Recently a Modern Family episode (another obsession of mine that I forgot to add to the list..I'll have to do another post and add things I forgot!) made waves when they had the toddler on the show, Lilly, say a bad word.

Of course, look at what she's wearing. Can you really blame her?? 

Well, the actress just said cheese or something and they bleeped it on the show to make it seem like she cussed but she never actually did. People freaked, saying the show was horrible. Honestly, I thought the episode was great. It made me feel better about being a parent. I have no idea what people were so up in arms about, because let's face it. Kids say the darndest things. And sometimes that includes a bad word.
Or in our case, a bad phrase.
Or two.

I'm expecting my button any day now

It started innocently enough. I had my Mom on speakerphone one afternoon and realized I had double-booked us for two birthday parties that weekend. When I realized the mistake, I said "Oh crap." And what did the little one in the backseat say to that?
"Oh, crap."
Nana thought it was hysterical and immediately burst out laughing, which made Burrito say it about ten more times. I admit, it was funny but horrifying at the same time. After I stopped reacting to it, Burrito forgot all about her new phrase and I thought all would be well in the world.
Then we went to Nana's for dinner the next evening. 
After dinner Burrito was playing with her toys when we heard this little phrase pop out.
"Shut up! Shut up!"
The room went dead silent. This is pretty much how I felt:

Joey is shocked. Shocked!

Now, I know I need to watch my language, (especially while driving and people cut me off). But we don't ever say that kind of thing in front of Burrito due to you know, scarring the kid for life and being bad parents. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out where she would have heard that phrase. So after Daddy and Burrito had a chat about why that was inappropriate and things like that hurt people's feelings she apologized to everyone and we went home. 
Then we discovered the culprit. 
Remember how I said we have snuggle/movie time before bed?? Well a week ago I checked out the movie Rio from the library and it's been Burrito's current favorite thing. (It's a good movie! Bright colors, fun songs and is just plain cute). But for some reason I was paying closer attention to it that night than any other night, and I realized that during the "bad birds" evil song he says a certain phrase to the other birdies. 

Yes, you're evil. We get it. Did you have to teach my toddler the phrase "Shut up?" 
Wait. Quit glaring at me...

So now Mommy has to fast-forward that part of the "Birdie Movie." Hopefully she forgets that phrase too. It's due soon anyway and when she's a bit older and completely understands that that's not a nice thing to say we'll check it back out. 

In the meantime, Mommy is definitely going to work on substitute words when she gets road rage.


  1. Oh Heather! If you only heard half the things that have come out of my children's mouths, you would hand over that Mother of the Year button to me! LOL
    My husband has quite the potty mouth.
    Ok, so maybe I'm a little guilty myself....I am pretty sure I taught Mia how to say the "S" word...Mommy fail. Luckily she is old enough that I just had to tell her that is not a nice word and she hasn't said it since. Thank goodness. I was mortified!
    In my defense, I stubbed my toe and that freaking hurt!

  2. LOL. I think that is a good excuse! But I'll still send ya the button ;) I think Aubrey has said the 's" word too but I'm maintaining she was actually telling the dog to sit! Hehehe