Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day is Here!

I don't know what it is about Election Day. But I freaking love it.
 There's something about going out there, casting your vote for who should be president and getting a sticker that makes me feel all Bad A**. 
It's important, and I love being part of it.
This morning Burrito went with me to vote. I'd been prepping her for it the past few days, telling her if she helped Mommy vote she'd get a sticker. This made it all sorts of exciting.
As soon as we got to the polls she strutted in all serious-like and started exclaiming "Mommy, I'm ready to vote! Mommy, I'm ready to vote!" while I was signing in.
Everyone there thought she was adorable and she got TWO stickers for being so enthusiastic about voting. 

So I hope you all have used your right to vote! Even if you don't vote who I chose. 
That's okay, that's part of democracy! 
Also, to all the men and women who suffered so that everybody in our country had the right to vote: Thank You. 

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