Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back It Up!

I'm baaack! I bet you thought I was being Neglectful Blogger Momma again, didn't you? Trust me, Dear Readers, I had many ramblings to randomly mention over the last week or so but something bad happened.
My hard drive died.

This is a pretty good depiction of how I felt

Luckily, I was super crazy paranoid that something like this could happen so all the pictures on my computer were also on my husband's computer and our server he has set up, along with a lot of my music (Except for my 80s collection. For some reason The Husband didn't want that on his computer...luckily I can always borrow those CDs from my own Momma). I also had The Book saved on several different flash drives, so I didn't have an emotional breakdown over losing something I had worked on the past two  years.
I didn't back up everything.
All the stories I wrote in college are gone. All the beginnings or random ideas I had thought to one day get around to have vanished. The horribly-terrible-but-taught-me-a-lot-about-writing first book I ever wrote? Bye bye. And my freaking resume that I agonized over to get perfect poofed too. I still have one version in my gmail somewhere, but still. I will have to fine tune it again and who wants to do that?  
I have had a large case of the sads due to those all disappearing.
So my random ramble to you for today is even if you think it is a little thing that you will never look at again, back it up. Trust me. You will save yourself from being stuck in a glass cage of emotion!


  1. I am super paranoid about losing stuff too...especially my own "The Book" guess what I did? I set up a blog specifically for The Book and made it private but just to ensure privacy, whenever I post my latest chapters or edits I just save them as drafts. That way I figure I will always have access to it from anywhere. I even have random scenes and misc information saved in draft format on it.
    Crazy or genius?

  2. Actually, that's not a half bad idea lol. So..both! :)