Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Yesterday we spent the morning outside in our backyard and then went to the zoo before it got too hot. We've only recently gotten to do things like this (I used to work every weekend) and now that we have the chance to hang out together as a fam on weekends it's been a lot of fun. We got a family zoo pass so we pretty much just pop up there when it's nice out and we get sick of our backyard.

Although Belle and Burrito do love the backyard

The kiddo loves monkeys, so it was pretty easy convincing her to get off the slide and go to the zoo. There's an older chimpanzee named Suzie that's usually sitting by the window so we stop by there first and say hi.

We also stalk the peacocks. Burrito thinks they're yelling "help!" when the squawk, so if you happen to hear her yelling help she's actually trying to imitate a peacock.

We ended our zoo trip at the little park, which I knew probably wasn't a good idea but we let her play anyway. After half an hour she was hot and tiring so we plucked her up to take her home. It didn't go over too well, but I had been expecting that. The good news was she stopped crying rather quickly. The bad news is, she a few minutes later she lost it again in front of a group of people coming into the zoo, so their first exhibit of the day was an angry two-year-old demanding to have her sunglasses.
Luckily, they laughed and by the time we got to the car everyone was all smiles. 

Okay, this is earlier in the day. 
But when we left the zoo we were all hot and sweaty and in no mood for pictures! 

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